To ensure machined parts precision,
Our measuring equipment is required to guarantee dimensional accuracy.
Besides a large number of handled measuring tools, We have installed a coordinate measuring machine, We can measure and analyze tooling and machined parts quickly.

For our practive of high standards of each part undergoes first-off approval by in-process and regular inspcetion to monitor before deliver to out customer. Any special specification can be provided on request. We can also provide material certification and compreh ensive inspection reports as required.

The equipment used

Is as follows:

  1. Vernier Caliper
    size 0-2,000 mm. resolution 0.02-0.05 mm.
  2. Bore Cauge
    size 18-250 mm. resolution 0.01 mm.
  3. Outside Micrometer
    size 0-1,500 mm. resolution 0.01 mm.
  4. Inside Micrometer
    size 250-6,000 mm. resolution 0.01 mm.
  5. Linear High Gauge (Mestra Touch)
    size 0-600 mm. resolution 0.0001 mm.
  6. Gauge Block 1 set
    Comprises of 87 pieces (Grade 0)
  7. etc.